"I Pick You" Laser Engraved Guitar Pick

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Cool Christmas Stocking Stuffer idea! A custom engraved wood or bone guitar pick - great to play the guitar or as a cute keepsake. Handcrafted and laser engraved.

One side will say "I Pick You". You choose an engraving on the back if desired -- a date, name or anything else of significance.

Please Note: These are handmade, so the pick you receive will vary slightly from what is pictured. The engraving is crisp, clear and appears sharp to the eye.

Email me your text - Jean@CutestGifts.com

Any short phrase, name, short message, small graphic, can be laser engraved onto the back of any of the guitar picks. The coconut's opposite side is dark as it is the outside shell of a coconut.

Keep the Engraving Simple, It Looks Best.

I use a clean, crisp font unless you specify a specific font.